African American Steering Committee for

Health and Wellness (AASCHW) Guiding Principles

Mission StatementThe African American Steering Committee for Health and Wellness is dedicated to ensuring that the County’s Behavioral Health Care system provides quality culturally appropriate care that is professionally delivered in a respectful and courtesies manner to African American consumers, family members and the African American community-at-large. This shall be achieved through guidance, policy development and implementation, advocacy, education, assessment and evaluation of Alameda County’s Behavioral Health Care Services needs for African Americans.

  1. The AASCHW Committee will support the values and goals of ACBHCS and operate under Roberts Rules with consensus.
  2. Cultural competency will be embedded in all services and programs with a special awareness of and attention to the African American community.
  3. AASCHW members agree to attend monthly meetings, participate on sub- committees and Ad Hoc committees.
  4. The AASCHW will assess and make funding allocations to agencies, programs and services that will serve the African American community with quality culturally responsive services.
  5. Strategies will be informed by and in accordance with Community-defined, promising and innovative practices that are value driven by the African American community and is positive-outcome based.
  6. Services to individuals and families will focus on strength-based interventions that promote hope, personal empowerment and responsibility, resiliency, recovery, wellness and community building. 
  7. Priority will be given to programs and services that reduce stigma, inequities and disparities and improve coordination and integration of behavioral health related services for the African American community.
  8. Committee members will adhere to the roles and responsibilities of the AASCHW and focus on uplifting and supporting the African American community in Alameda County.

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